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The Right Breast Cancer Screening for You: Latest Advances in Breast Cancer Screening
Online - On-Demand
March 2022

The latest and emerging technologies for breast cancer screening are faster and better at cancer detection than traditional mammography. Each of these technologies have benefits and considerations. Patient insurance coverage may vary from state to state. Breast density has both screening and breast cancer risk implications, and notification to women about that also varies from state to state. If you have dense breasts, get prepared to discuss supplemental screening with your provider. This set of timely webcasts will help you navigate these developments, and help you understand the latest guidelines on how to get your breast cancer screening done safely during COVID. Empower yourself and get the right breast cancer screening for you.


These FREE on-demand videos are available for you below. Follow us on facebook, instagram, and twitter for updates on this program as we add additional videos! 

We'd like to give a special thank you to DenseBreast-Info, who collaborated with us on the program, as well as Agendia and Delphinus Medical Technologies for their generous educational support to make this program possible.

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