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360 for 360 Campaign Donors

Special thanks to the following for their generous support of 360 for 360 to benefit and the Foundation's patient-focused programs:


Ronald Kletter - In Honor of Eleanor

Bruce Miller

Barbara Ward, MD - In Honor of All of Our Patients
Beth Boyd, RN
Jerry Hardacre, MD
Rebecca Alleyne, MD - In Memory of Carol Slater Frederick
Carrie Thoms, MD
Christine Kollmorgen, MD
Holly Mason, MD
Regina Hampton, MD
Sheldon Feldman, MD - In Memory of Fern Feldman Anolick
Negar Golesorkhi, MD - In Memory of Ettie Golesorkhi
Richard Fine, MD - In Memory of Rita Fine
Shawna Willey, MD
Laura Medina, MD
Marissa Howard-McNatt, MD
Susan Boolbol, MD
Jill Dietz, MD - In Honor of Robby Richardson, MD
Lisa Torp, MD
Judy Boughey, MD
Deanna Attai, MD
Nathalie Johnson, MD - In Memory of Lucy Odom George
Julie Margenthaler, MD - In Honor of All of My Patients
Walton Taylor, MD
Steven Chen, MD
Mahmoud El-Tamer, MD

Jason Wilson, MD

Pon Satitpunwaycha, MD

Helen Pass, MD

Renee Quarterman, MD

Michael Schultz, MD

Diane Radford, MD

Gary Eden, MD

Victor Zannis, MD

Claire Carman, MD

Souzan El-Eid, MD

Mark Gittleman, MD in memory of Rith Gittleman

Lorraine Tafra, MD in honor of JoAnn Chaut

Robert Caplan, MD

Howard Snider, MD

Rache Simmons, MD

Costanza Cocilovo, MD in honor of Anna Maria Cocilovo

Sara Fredrickson, MD in honor of Jan  Charvat

Edgar Staren, MD

Tiffany Berry, MD

Joseph Rosen, MD

Hiram Cody III, MD

Joel Benowitz, MD

University of Cincinnati Department of Surgery/Michael Edwards, MD

John Brown, MD in honor of Pat Whitworth, MD

Targeted Medical Education/Peter Beitsch, MD in Honor of Ricky Fine, MD

Nancy O'Neal, MD

Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center/Michael Berry, MD

C. Alan Henry, MD

Jovita Oruwari, MD

Lari Attai, MD in honor of Deanna Attai, MD

Tina Hieken, MD

Richard Fine, MD - In Memory of Rita Fine

Angela Soto-Hamlin, MD - In Honor of Holy Spirit Breast Center Staff

William Burak, MD 

Jane Mendez, MD

Mary Hooks, MD

Robert Flanigan, MD

Charles Balch, MD

Rogsbert Phillips-Reed, MD - As a Tribute to Ernie McMillian

Jennifer BIshop, MD

Darlene Miltenburg, MD - in Honor of Pat Whitworth, MD

Nicole Baril,, MD

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