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2020 Breast Cancer Survivor Empowerment

About the Breast Cancer Survivor Empowerment Summit: 
You are a breast cancer survivor. Get empowered with knowledge about the latest innovations in breast cancer care available to you now. Presented by breast cancer survivors and experts in the field, the FREE Breast Cancer Survivor Empowerment Summit will help prepare you for what is to come, covering best practices for shared decision-making; making sense of genetic testing; latest treatments for triple negative breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer; breast reconstruction options; sexual health; and managing your lifestyle with fun exercises, mindfulness, and optimal nutrition for your health. The Breast Cancer Survivor Empowerment Summit will be composed of tracks of short, informative, and engaging on-demand videos, which will be unleashed upon the public September 21, 2020 through October 2020. New videos will be posted throughout October, so check back here often and register below to be notified when new videos are posted. Register today, and take charge of your tomorrow!

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Upcoming Presentations:

Breast Reconstruction Innovations Track
Shared Decision-Making: From Breast Cancer Diagnosis through Breast Reconstruction” (Minas Chrysopoulo, MD; Michelle Ley, MD; Terri Coutee, patient advocate at DiepC Foundation)
"Alternatives to Breast Reconstruction: Going Flat" (presented by


Genetic and Genomic Testing Innovations Track
“Why You and Your Family Need Genetic Testing”
“Making Sense of Your Breast Cancer Subtype”
"Genomic Testing Innovations"


Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment Innovations Track 
"Inspiring patient story by Dana Donofree, breast cancer survivor and founder of AnaOno Intimates"
“Overcoming Racial and Geographic Barriers to Breast Cancer Care” (Monique Gary, DO)
“Latest Treatment Options for Metastatic Breast Cancer” 

Sexual Health Track 
(Presented by Jennifer Valli, PhD, AASECT Certified Therapist
Instructor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center; in partnership with Baptist Medical Group-Memphis Breast Care)

"Part 1: Desire"
"Part 2: Body Image"
"Part 3: Orgasm"
"Part 4: Vaginal Health"
"Part 5: An Assignment"


Lifestyle Management Innovations Track
"Tips for Healthy Living with Breast Cancer" (presented by Karen Collins, RD, Nutrition Advisor, American Institute for Cancer Research)

"Mixed Messaging on Soy, Gluten, Cancer Research" (presented by Karen Collins, RD, Nutrition Advisor, American Institute for Cancer Research)

"Healthy, Delicious Recipe: Ginger Soy Salmon with Roasted Veggies" (presented by the American Institute for Cancer Research)

"New direction in current and future research on breast cancer survivors" (presented by the American Institute for Cancer Research)
"Latest breast cancer prevention recommendations in clinical settings" (presented by the American Institute for Cancer Research)
"Boxing Class" (presented by Cancer StrongHER)

Sponsors and Supporters:


American Institute for Cancer Research

Baptist Medical Group-Memphis Breast Care

City of Hope-National Medical Center

DiepC Foundation


Susan G. Komen Nevada

Uberlube, Inc.

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